Urology Associates is located in Kitchener, Ontario. Our mission is to provide excellent, compassionate specialty healthcare services for patients, their families and our community. Outstanding service and quality is our hallmark, with consideration for each individual in our care. Dr. Rangaswamy bring years of experience to the patient care..

Dr. Satish Rangaswamy, MD, FRCSC

Dr. Satish Rangaswamy obtained his MD degree from Dalhousie University and specialty training at the University of Toronto. Dr. Rangaswamy is a consultant urologist in Kitchener-Waterloo with a special interest in voiding dysfunction and advanced prostate cancer therapy. He has been involved in a number of clinical trials and was the lead urology assessor for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Peer Assessment program.

Administrative Staff

Hala joined our clinic in May 2019 and has extensive Urology administrative experience. She has a background of working in Gynecology and brings exceptional work experience. She is trilingual and focuses on building strong patient relationships to ensure quality patient care, she now uses this experience in a managerial role.